"Enriching knowledge, equipping future"

In the changing business scenario characterized by intense competition, increasing outsourcing and high customer expectations, job content is changing frequently and managers have to play multi roles. The organizations have to keep updating the competencies required for the job to ensure superior performance. Talent is becoming scarce and the organizations are vying with each other to acquire and retain talent group. The changing business scenario and increasing outsourcing pose challenges to the management B Schools in developing effective managers.

GMIT MBA Programme endeavors to provide learning opportunities to its students to help in their growth as management professionals. It believes in 3Ds (dedication, determination and directions) to develop dynamic budding managers.

GMIT MBA Programme is a B- School with uniqueness, started during the academic year 2008.


  • 1. To prepare the students for professional career in the field of Business Administration and Management.

  • 2.  To build ethically strong and socially responsible citizens.

  • 3.  To equip students with conceptual and interpersonal skills for effective managerial decision making.

  • 4.  To nurture standards for professional excellence, integrity, honesty and fairness.